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Forks and shocks, lowering kits front and rear, fork braces, fork covers, billet fork lower ends, fork tubes, triple trees

690863 894397 Upper

690863 894397 Upper Steering Head Cover • Aluminum • For XL 04-19 690864 Black powder coated matte 690863 Black powder coated gloss 894397 Chrome 690862 Raw . t- Fork Stem Cover Kit by Cult Werk CNC precision machined stem nut cover with machined CW logo. 893793 Fits all Sportster models Upper Fork Tube Plugs For 49-E77 FL forks (repl. OEM 45776-49). 26485 Upper fork tube plugs for 49-E77 FL forks (replaces OEM 45776-49) sold in pairs 72073 Button head fork drain screw kit with brass washers (repl. OEM‘s #45790-80, #45996-73) 15232 15233 15240 894408 15 Lower Steering Head Cover • Aluminum • For XL 96-19, Dyna 99-17, Softail 00-17 894406 Black powder coated matte 894405 Black powder coated gloss 894408 Chrome 894407 Raw Chrome Fork Stem Nut Covers These covers are held in place on the stock stem nuts by a set screw, and fit most 39 mm and 41 mm forks from 80-03. 13009 Fits 39 mm forks on FXR models from 87-00 as well as Sportster models from 88-03 (repl. OEM 48329-90) 160110 Fits FXWG and FXST models from 80-99 (repl. OEM 45670-80) Triple Tree Nut Cover Sets Three-piece kit includes: chrome covers for fork tube caps and triple tree stem nut. Attach with set screws. 160111 Fit Softail and FXWG models from 80-99 Chrome Fork Tube Caps 15232 Chrome fork tube caps for Sportster, FX and FXR models with fine threads from 73-86 (replaces OEM 45993-73) sold in pairs 15233 Chrome fork tube caps for FL models from 49-E77 (replaces OEM 45754-60) sold in pairs 72074 Chrome fork tube caps with chrome washers for FXWG and Softail models, and other models with Wide Glide forks from late 77-05 (replaces OEMs 45419-80, 5710) sold each 72075 Chrome fork tube caps with O-rings for Sportster, FXR and Dyna Glide models with 39 mm forks from 88-19 (replaces OEM 45996-87) sold each Chrome Fork Tube Cap for Sportster Models Colony replacement for Sportster models from 87-19. Includes O-ring seal, (sold each). 35162 Replaces OEM 45996-87 15241 Chrome Fork Tube Plugs and Caps Upper Fork Tube Plugs Fits all Showa Wide Glide forks from late 77-13 (except 84-13 FLT, FLHT and FLHS models or FL model adjustable forks). Sold in pairs. 15240 Upper fork tube plugs for all Showa Wide Glide forks from late 77-17 (except 84-17 Touring models or FL model adjustable forks) replaces OEM 45838-77 (sold in pairs) Slider Tube Caps Fits all Softail, Dyna Wide Glide and 4-speed FXWG models from 80-13 (except Springer Softail models). Sold in pairs. 15241 Chrome fork tube caps for all Softail, Dyna Wide Glide and 4-speed FXWG models from 80-17 (except Springer Softail models) replaces OEM 45419-80 (sold in pairs) 15.18

FORKS & SHOCKS APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 690225 690226 890795 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING 690227 690228 ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 890795 INTAKE 39 mm Low Profile Fork Caps by Lowbrow In addition these are half the height of the stock caps (see photo). Perfect for all owners of H-D 48’s that have integrated risers in their top tree. The stock caps are too tall and don’t allow for a handlebar with a wider base. Available in three styles and materials! 655848 39 mm, brass 655849 39 mm, aluminum 655850 39 mm, black anodized Fork Preload Adjusters by Burly High performance suspension preload adjusters for 88-Up Sportsters and 91-Up Dyna models. Easily tune your front suspension to suit your weight and riding style. Simple installation and 20mm of adjustment range via hex key. Black or machined aluminum finish. 690225 Fork preload adjusters 39mm 690226 Fork preload adjusters 39mm black 690227 Fork preload adjusters 49mm 690228 Fork preload adjusters 49mm black . t- Fork Caps for V-Rod • For all V-Rod models 12-17 • Aluminum • Black anodized 890795 Fork cap covers ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Joker Machine Fork Tube Plugs Joker Machine fork tube plugs for Sportster models with 39 mm fork tubes. Available in clear or black anodized finish. Sold in pairs. 653789 Clear 39 mm ø 653790 Black 39 mm ø Fork Preload Adjuster • Replaces the OEM top fork caps • Easy installation • No need to remove forks or top triple tree from bike • CNC machined from billet aluminum • Up to 1.15” of preload adjustability For XL 88-19, FXR 87-94, FXD 91-05 (except XL1200X, Forty-Eight) 896343 39 mm, Contrast Cut 896344 39 mm, Black Ops For Dyna 06-17 Forty-Eight 16-19 896345 49 mm, Contrast Cut 896346 49 mm, Black Ops . t- Front Fork Tube Caps by Cult- Werk Fits front forks on 88-19 Sportster 48 models with 39 mm Showa front fork. 642878 Front fork caps FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 15.19

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