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Driveline parts, primary, primary covers, belt drives, open belt drives, primary/sekundary belts, primary chain, primary chain tensioner

BDL 3” Top Fuel Style

BDL 3” Top Fuel Style Open Primary Belt Drive Kit BDL now offers their classic Top Fuel look to their 3” primary belt drive kit. This kits includes BDL’s stylish highly polished out board support which is designed to give strength to the transmission shaft on big inch motors with a lot of torque and their patented Ball Bearing Lock Up Clutch for a positive clutch engagement with minimal pull. 612272 Fits all Softail models from 90-06 42515 Replacement 3" wide primary 141 tooth 8mm belt BDL 3" Open Belt Drives with Outboard Support This new version adds an outboard support to their already popular 3" open belt drive. The outboard support adds increased rigidity that keeps the engine and transmission shaft from flexing under high loads. An excellent choice for wide-tire high horsepower applications. For Softail Models from 90-06 612250 Without oil filter mount 42515 Replacement 3" wide primary 141 tooth 8mm belt Billet outboard support plate for BDL 3" open belt drives that did not come equipped with one. Includes polished support, polished pulley covers, new pressure plate and hardware. Note: Modifications must be made for fitment. 12 612245 Retrofit billet outboard support plate Replacement Clutch Plates for 3" BDL Open Belt Drives 612265 Kevlar® clutch plates (set of 7) 612266 Steel clutch plates (set of 7) 42637 Splined steel drive plate Primary Spacers For wide tire applications choose appropriate offset insert. 612230 .25" primary spacer 612231 .50" primary spacer 612232 .75" primary spacer 612233 1.00" primary spacer 612234 1.25" primary spacer 612235 1.50" primary spacer 612236 1.75" primary spacer (*not applicable for TF-1000/2000) 612237 2.00" primary spacer (*not applicable for TF-1000/2000) Offset Pulley Inserts with Nuts For wide tire applications choose appropriate offset insert. 42866 Pulley ONLY for Softail models 42868 .25" offset insert (*not applicable for TF-1000/2000) 42869 .50" offset insert (*not applicable for TF-1000/2000) 42870 .75" offset insert 42871 1.00" offset insert 42872 1.25" offset insert 612225 1.50" offset insert 612226 1.75" offset insert 612227 2.00" offset insert DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Primo ‘Brute IV’ 3" Open Belt Drive Kits for Big Twins Designed for electric start models with forward controls. Complete kits include the Primo billet motor plate in a polished aluminum finish, clutch basket with clutch, motor pulley, polished plain belt shroud, starter shaft extension assembly and hardware. Complete Kits with Polished Motor Plate 43115 Fits Twin Cam 88 Softail models from 00-06 42653 Fits Evolution Softail models from 90-99 43114 Fits all rubber-mount Big Twin models from 90-99 (except Dyna Glide models; FXR only not Baggers) Replacement Parts 43036 Primary belt, 8 mm x 3", 144-teeth for Softail and Dyna Glide applications 85189 Clutch steel drive plate, .080"-thick (sold each) 85717 Starter ring gear screw (6 required) sold each 12.4

DRIVELINE APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING Primo ‘Brute V’ Belt Drive Kit with Motor Plate Primo Belt Drives 14mm, 3 1/2" wide "SUPER STREET" primary belt drive is designed to handle all the horses your big stroker can make. It‘s the first 3 1/2" wide, 14mm belt drive available. PRIMO introduced the 14mm belt drive way back in 1973. Now you can get famous PRIMO quality and performance in a super wide 14mm belt drive for your Big Twin. Kits include polished outer pulley/belt cover. • Features polished motor plate and performance clutch • Has 14mm strength and a 3 1/2" wide belt • Easy installation • Electric start 667510 Fits Twin Cam 88 Softail models from 00-06 667511 Fits Evolution Softail models from 90-99 667539 667556 TM Performance Machine Contour Belt Drive Primary 2“ The PM Contour Belt Drive Primary has several key features that make it superior to other belt drives. The motor plate and lock up clutch are designed to tolerate the power of big motors. Clutch action at the lever is eased by use of lower rate springs, while the inertia activated lock up feature keeps things from slipping when the power is poured on. Completely replaces the stock primary and utilizes a narrow belt for lightweight, better cornering clearance and does not interfere with access to forward controls. Designed to integrate seemlessly with PM Mid Mount Controls. Will fit all 91-09 HD Softails, Dynas and many customs. Does not fit FLH or FXR models. Dyna models must use forward controls or the integrated PM mid Mounts on page 35. The Primary is available in chrome and Contrast Cut finishes. The Contrast Cut finish features a blacked out primary integrated with machined Contrast Cut covers and the same quality internals. 684381 Fits 91-06 Softail, contrast cut 684382 Fits 91-06 Softail, chrome 684383 Fits 07-17 Softail, contrast cut (except FXCW/C & FXSB) 684384 Fits 07-17 Softail, chrome (except FXCW/C & FXSB) ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL Primo Rivera 2” Touring Belt Drive Primo’s Brute IV Extreme Touring Open Belt Drive is just a measly 2” wide, but boy can it hold the power. The special 8mm Kevlar® corded belt included with this kit was specifically designed to hold in excess of 150 HP. The drive’s electric start feature utilizes a 66 tooth ring gear for maximum torsional longevity. 667539 Brute IV 2” belt drive for Touring models 90-06 667556 Brute IV 2” belt drive for Touring models 07 DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 12.5

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