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04-2018 BOAR Bike H9 Sportster

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Custom Chrome Europe BOAR bike Sportster built by Hardnine Choppers


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Premiere at Motor Bike Expo Verona 2018: Danny Schneider rolled his CCE „Bolt On and Ride“ Sportster out for a quick ride. CCE TOP BIKE 2018

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Switzerland has been in the focus of the customizing scene for several years. While often seen as a „sealed-off“ and ristrictive market with strict and enforced homologation rules, Swiss customizers did enjoy several liberties which neighbouring German builders could only dream about. And with harsh speed limits, selling Sportsbikes in a country once legendary for Fritz Egli and other rolling chassis builders, came almost to a standstill: More than a quarter of the motorcycles in Switzerland are Harley-Davidsons – and some of the real cool riding events are held in Dübendorf and Lugano. The Swiss customizing scene is respected for its creativity as well as the quality of the motorcycles it is building – there are Swiss Customizers that have forged unique showwinning and rideable bikes from CCE catalogue parts and almost all Swiss authorized Harley-Dealers are competing with outstanding creations. The Custom Chrome Europe Team nevertheless picked a very special candidate for building the first 2018 „Bolt On and Ride“ bike: Danny Schneider of Hard Nine Choppers´ fame has already made international news. MOTOR BIKE EXPO has seen many bike premieres, even Custom Chrome Europe’s long time involvement at the biggest and best Italian Custombike event in Verona has resulted in several “unveilings” in recent years – but for the 10th Anniversary edition, the CCE team again has come up with something special: The first Swiss-made „Bolt On and Ride“ bike! The choice for Danny Schneider as one of Switzerland´s internationally most renowned builders came naturally: Danny is known for riding his bikes the hard way – as he had proven during his Freestyle Moto Cross career and continued during his subsequent passion with customizing „American Iron“. His crossover bikes combine traditional custom styles with BMX Bicycles trends and Freestyle Moto Cross elements, often using authentic antique engines as in his legendary „D‘MX“ 1942 Flathead. The lack of horsepower in those motors has never stopped him from riding the hell out of his bikes – as he continued with his 2017 „7.0 FXR$“ that won him the 2017 „FXRs of Verona“ Bikeshow class – his Swiss pass riding performance clip (or should we say „slip“) went viral on the web immediately! The 10th Anniversary of Motor Bike Expo is also the 10th season of „Bolt On and Ride“ bikes for Custom Chrome Europe, which in 2009 started with the first „Bolt On and Ride Tour“, running from southern Finland up to the Polar Circle and back to Norrtälje! The passion for riding is inherent in the team-up between Hard Nine Choppers and Custom Chrome Euro-

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