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03-2018 European Bike Week Faak

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Custom Chrome Europe Event Faak 2018 including Ride-in-Bike-Show (Faaker See Championship)


CUSTOM CHROME INTERNATIONAL BIKE SHOW SERIES: 16th RIDE-IN BIKE SHOW FAAK - SHOW REPORT 2018 Championship #1: „New Moon Reloaded“ by All Star Choppers

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE TOP: Second place for the outstanding „Mystic“, a high-class lowrier-style powerbike created by WRC from Italy, beating „Tattoo Trash“ by Dutch competitor Joshua van Gellecum only by a narrow margin. Check out the radical frame and fork on this stretched lowrider! Sometimes wonders happen! Following a European Bike Week of very mixed weather conditions – to say the least – the second half of the 21st edition was not completely „on the bright side“ but Saturday´s weather was sunny and flawless. Thanks for not following the weather forecast! With 53 participants, not to forget the 54th who arrived too late to be judged – the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Show had a great turnout, last year´s number of 36 bikes was exceeded before the first hour of registration had passed! Especially the „Modified Harley“ class received a massive number of entries, 23 bikes participated in this class alone, with a lot of competitors presenting outstanding quality, including customizers from all over Europe! Judging was – as always – extremely difficult and tight, performed by some of the best custombike journalists and bloggers from Europe and guest judges from the Middle East. As the events and options for riders were plenty – and the weather forecast for the weekend not as sunny as it finally turned out, a lot of custombike riders already hit the road on Saturday, cutting down the participation in all bike shows. Following a very wet start of the week – and another massive rain on Thursday evening, everybody seemed to be on the „edge“, but the bright sunrise on Saturday cheered everybody up again! And so, the bikes rolled in! - - - Showtime: CCE Ride-In 2018 - - - As expected for the four „core“ classes of the „Faaker See Championship“, the fight for the € 1.000,-- cheques was a tough one, but „Chopper“ peaked with outstanding six hot competitors, one of them RevTech-powered. In the final count, Andreas Bergerforth‘s new private ride did outscore them all – and what a superb little Chopper, built by the Thunderbike boss himself, it is! - - - Showtime: CCE Ride-In 2018 - - -

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