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03-2018 BOAR Bike CCEagle

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Custom Chrome BOAR Bike Bagger built by Harley-Factory Frankfurt


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE No matter if you target small roads o the highways, Interstate or Autobahn – this bike will get you there!

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE TOP: Harley-Davidson took great care in developing a state-of-the-art touring motorcycle that is offering comfort and ridability. Harley-Factory converted it into a superb Bagger which is offering eyecatching contrast between chrome and matt paintjob! Kuryakyn parts is used to hide the less scenic parts of motor, injection and gearbox: Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover, Mesh Derby and Timing Covers chrome, Fuel Line Covers chrome, Kuryakyn Transmission Shroud, Transmission Top Cover, Starter Cover, Inner Primary Cover for Milwaukee Eight – we may or may have not forgot one. The 2017 „Milwaukee Eight“, the „CCEagle“ is powered by the 107 Cubic Inch version, also features a Thunderbike „Grand Classic“ air filter and Falcon‘s „Double Groove“ 2-in-2 exhaust system – with the adaption of the mappings to the new components, no further internal changes were done, nor were they necessary. The new Harley „Big Twin“ is reliable and powerful – and offers a great value as a „daily rider“ without „grilling“ the rider even in stop-and-go traffic. N N N The most radikal interference to the stock Road Glide was the mounting of a RevTech „Meridian“ design set of wheels: At the rear end – the wheel hidden from view almost completely anyway by the massive bags TOP: The Thunderbike „Grand Classic“ ait filter in polished version fits the „classic“ look of the big touring bike perfectly! – the stock 16 Inch diameter was retained, while the font end now holds a 23-Incher instead of the stock 19’’. Harley-Factory compensated the added diameter by the already mentioned 7° raked Ness triple trees – and the implementation of an air suspension. In „riding“ mode, turning angle of the big tourer is much improved – it really takes guts to fly the Ness floorboards close to the road surface. „CCEagle“ immediately became a popular ride with the CCE staff – even alpine pass roads are no problem for this mega-Bag-

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