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02-2019 10 Years Anniversary BOAR Bikes

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10 Years BOAR Bike program by Custom Chrome Europe.


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE HISTORY 2009 – 2018 2014 TEN YEARS OF Bolt On And Ride BIKES! 2014 BOAR Sportster: Custom Crawler Modified by Benno‘s Custom Road A Super-Moto/Tracker/Café Racer crossover: Custom Chrome Europe‘s 2014 „Bolt On And Ride“ Sportster is hard to explain, unless, of course, you ride it! Then it‘s pretty much selfexplaining: This is a bike for „rider“ – and riders only. By the style, by definition and by its components which offer enough seat for one person and enough fuel for about 100 km max. Your choice, what you can make of it! 1200 cc from the Sportster motor offer enough „punch“ to go berserk – depending on what tires you mounted to the wheels, you can choose the terrain. The French „Wöevre“ plain and the accompanying „Meuse Heights“ west of Metz offer empty roads very much like the Taunus hill around Camberg/ Germany, where the bike was built – only that the traffic is even less AND there are much fewer „No Access“ signs than in ever (over) regulated Germany. Just the roads to really let the beast loose ...

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE 2014 BOAR Street Bob: Black Bull Modified by Harley-Davidson Nürnberg It is about eight years since the introduction of the „Street Bob“ with which Harley-Davidson once again moved the Dyna model line into the spotlight: Always a motorcycle „pure and raw“, the modern Dynas have lived up to their reputation for being extremely rideable performers. A motorcycle for connaisseurs that enjoy the thrill of V-twin power at your command just by twisting the throttle. Underlining and strenghtening this characterisation, Nuernberg-based authorised Harley-Davidson Dealer Fritz Jonak did nothing to hide the street-performing nature of his first „Bolt On And Ride“ bike. Why should he? His shop has homologated the 2014 131 Cubic Inch Jim‘s motor for German road-use and they know performance. Although the 2014 „Bolt On And Ride“ Dyna was not equipped with the 131 Cubic-Incher, there is some power boost as well as more than the usual upgrade in style! This is a bike that was built from the riding experience on the narrow and twisting roads of the „Franconian Switzerland“ between Nuernberg and Bayreuth – and all roads that come close!

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