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02-2019 10 Years Anniversary BOAR Bikes

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10 Years BOAR Bike program by Custom Chrome Europe.


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE HISTORY 2009 – 2018 TEN YEARS OF Bolt On And Ride BIKES! Cross Bob in action! Andreas Scholz riding the latest 2018 Faak premiere „Bolt On And Ride“ 2018 model year „Cross Bob“ by Thunderbike.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE phenia“ re-enactment image at a London fuel stop remains „CCE-classics“. And that was just the start! Counting up from Thunderbike‘s two 2011 BOAR bikes – and including the 2018 Faak premiere „Cross Bob“, again created by Thunderbike – 40 Bolt On And Ride custombikes have been built. More, if you count the pre-2011 rides and several custom projects that did not join the BOAR fleet all season. Top of the list is the Harley- Factory Frankfurt, which accounts for no less than nine „Bolt On And Ride“ bikes, including several high-class Baggers. Hard on their heels Hamminkeln/Germany based Thunderbike with eight BOAR projects and three bikes by Maniac MechaniX/Gensingen, not to forget his „in house“ work on the 2009-2011 „fleet bikes“. Some of the best German customizers and customparts-designers of Germany customized for CCE, each contributing two customs to the success of BOAR history: Rick‘s Motorcycles/Baden-Baden, F. Kodlin Motorcycles/Borken, Mainhattan Choppers/Frankfurt, Zassels Custom Bikes/Steinweiler. Out of numerous applicants for building a „Bolt On And Ride“ bike, Independent Choppers/Düsseldorf, Choppers World Gelsenkirchen, Bike Farm Melle, Harley-Davidson Nürnberg, Benno‘s Custom Road/Bad Camberg, JB-Motorcycles/Elmshorn, TTS/Westerkappeln, TGS‘ Tobias Guckel/Tittling-Witzmannsberg, Cult-Werk/Aigen im Mühlkreis/Austria, SK Bikes/Bad Kreuznach, Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village, as well as in 2018 Hard Nine Choppers‘ Danny Schneider/Bern/Switzerland and MB-Cycles‘ Martin Becker (Heidelberg/Germany) stunned the scene with outstanding custom bikes, adding to the BOAR heritage. „It is inherited in the concept that the „Bolt On And Ride“ bikes are as much „showcase“ as product-tester in one bike“, underlines Andreas Scholz, „because we listen to the feedback of the assigned customizer how easy or difficult a component is to be mounted to the project – and we testride how the parts work under everyday conditions“. Even our sales reps and other CCE staff ride the BOAR bikes to improve their product knowledge and experience. The „BOAR“ concept had and has positive impact on many levels“, says Scholz. Not to forget the „Multimedia“ approach followed during the last years: Naturally the BOAR bikes grace CCE‘s own publications, catalogues, brochures, advertisings, website and Facebook-posts, plus numerous „appearances“ in TV documentations at events, where the CCE bikes convinced with their individual style and rideability. Since 2014, the BOAR-bikes of the particular season themselves have become „film stars“ in increasingly complex music video clips which introduced their parts in static and riding scenes – further promoting the „Bolt On“ theme. „Sexy Thing“, „This Is“, „Ride Unrivalled“ and „At Night“ were the CCE music videos, produced in co-operation with established music-video producer Marcus Arnoldy and – after CCE produced even their own version of Hot Chocolate‘s „Sexy Thing“ – the last three with songs by „Ruby Shock“. Meanwhile the CCE program featured so many sophisticated and exclusive „Bolt On“ parts of outstanding manufacturing quality and design that differentiation to the cherished handcrafted „one-off“ parts were marginal. CCE‘s „Bolt On And Ride“ had become a „trademark“ for high-class custombikes and -parts. Mission accomplished? Not yet – and not for a long time! Introducing the new „Milwaukee Eight“ engine and straightening the model lines, Harley has opened a new chapter in the manufacturers history – and will continue to change its model range in a future not too distant! Harley-Davidson, especially in its home market USA, is desperately looking for new customizers – and will react with new models and even complete new and different model lines. „Traditional“ styles will remain popular as ever: New „stock“ motorcycles like the „ Heritage Softail Special“ as well as CCE‘s latest BOAR bike „Cross Bob“ are derivations from 1948 originals – and parts for these styles have been Custom Chrome Europe top sellers for years! „We will continue to extend the limits – both technologically as well as in style – and offer the most innovative alternatives to the stock components „, explains CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz, „the 2018 „Bolt On And Ride“ fleet is only a beginning, when considering the new „Milwaukee Eight“ models“. And there is more: „In terms of BOAR marketing, we still have some aces up our sleeves, yet to be drawn „, says Scholz, „We certainly have to thank all participating „Bolt On and Ride“ customizers for their engagement and the creativity which has been a major part of the media- and product success. We never forget that we are only delivering the „hardware“ for the projects and that its them who create these exciting and eye-catching custombikes.“ Requests by customizers to join the „hall of fame“ of BOAR builders are many, even from other European countries, but the motorcycles have to be street-legal in Germany. The only exception was this year´s „Hard Nine Choppers“ modified Sportster, which base was offered by Baechli Harley- Heaven. After the BOAR season it will go back to Switzerland as all BOAR custombikes are available for new owners after the BOAR-season – ready to ride! And one thing is certain: The „Ride“ in CCE‘s slogan is always taken seriously! „Soon we will be back „on the road“, says Andreas Scholz, „to where these bikes belong!“ Text: HRF, Photos: Horst Roesler/Motographer

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