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01-2019 Rhine Time

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CCE on tour with the 2018 BOAR bike line.


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE Bolt On And Ride Tour Rhein Time – Germany’s most romantic ride! Andreas Scholz riding the 2018 „Bolt On And Ride“ Bagger „CCEagle“ by Harley-Factory Frankfurt.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Nahe, Main and others. When the dam broke – which it did after some time, the inhabitants downstream as far as the not yet existing Netherlands did experience a flooding that would have been stuff for more legends. They would not have seen it coming... O = a Today the 2 km wide and 51 meter deep lake is as scenic and – almost – quiet tourist attraction: Only a few bubbles of volcanic gas on the surfaces signal that there is something going on below. Latest research show that the magma chamber under the lake is refilling – we are about half way through the eruption sequence of approximately 30.000 years. Which would be safe enough to have a stop at the „Vulkan Waldfrieden“ restaurant for a beer and something to eat, especially when visiting the „Lydiaturm“ tower, which offers a great view onto the lake, which you may now see differently... O = a As planned, the „Vulkan Waldfrieden“ was the meeting point with CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz, who welcomes the, already behind schedule, CCE staff tour sitting on his Custom-Harley. Living between Bonn and Cologne, he‘s a connoisseur of the scenic roads of the Eifel and Rhineland – and he is leading the tour from here to its destination in Bonn... O = a Not as fast as the pyroclastic currents but without even stopping, the team rides the exact route of the flow into the Brohl valley and back to the Rhine river. Up to 60 meters of ash was dropped here when massive streams of hot ashes flowed down to the river, later to be washed away by smaller and bigger streams. We pass cliffs and walls of volcanic rock on the way down to the Rhine, following the tracks of the Brohltal Bahn, home of the „Vulkan-Express“. In summer time, this is one of the few steam-operated narrow gauge railways in West-Germany, a great stop and ride for Railway fans. O = a The sign says river km 621 – and we are back on the Rhine river and on the B9, now heading straight for Bonn. Crossing the Ahr river, its valley also worth exploring by motorcycles, we are approaching Remagen. The town would have been less known today, if not in March 1945 German Wehrmacht officers failed to detonate the bridge when American troops were advancing through the mountains, surprised to find the Ludendorff bridge intact. In a surprise attack, the bridge was captured intact just minutes after the charges failed to bring down the massive structure. Of all locations for crossing the Rhine river that were discussed in American strategy, Remagen was by far the least expected. But history had other plans. Bridgeheads on both sides of the shore are worth a stop, the Museum is located on the Remagen side. O = a Passing Rolandseck and the „Drachenfels“ – according to the Nibelungen saga the place where Siegfried killed Fafnir the dragon, bathed in his blood to become invulnerable – the CCE tour approaches the fist subburbs of Bonn, from 1949 - 1990 the West-German capital and birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. Ta-ta-ta-taaaaa! O = a A little bit on the delayed side, but not too late for dinner, the CCE team decided to „Roll over Beethoven“ and skipped all Bonn sightseeing. Heading straight for the check-in of an extraordinary accomodation, the „Basecamp Hostel“ in Bonn offers accomodation in 13 retrostyle vintage caravans and sleeper train railway wagons of the German Bundesbahn. All inside a huge industrial hall so that weather conditions don‘t really bother you, when staying in one of the often tiny old trailers. After passing so many scenic castles and campgrounds another extraordinary place to visit and stay overnight. With CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz organizing the Bonn visit, there was little surprise that his choice of restaurant was a cool one too – and came with a lesson in history. While enjoying a huge Paella outside the „Rincon de Espana“ in Bonn-Kessenich, one of the owning Tartero brothers invited the team to a „private“ wine storage cellar of the Sister Restaurant „Sassela“ deep inside the same old building. When Bonn was still the German capital, the restaurant was one of the „insider“ haunts for German politicians and it is said that many secred deals and discussions took place around this table. Out of reach from the public – and also from the suspected listening devices in offices and political party seminar rooms. But as the patron stated: What was discussed in the „Sassela“ stayed in the „Sassela“. It might have become history later, but who knows... O = a History is often what you make of it – and it helps to know it. Otherwise you might be doomed to repeat it. And there are probably very few places in Europe if not the world that have seen such a diversified history in such a short time. You can ride from Grolsheim to Bonn and Cologne in two hours, but you will miss a lot of fun and experience. We have reached Rhine river km marker 655, the river has sneaked 131 km through mountains and rocks since Bingen. A great ride what ever main or side road you may take. For the „CC-Riders“ its back to base on Saturday – of course, all the way along the Rhin river. There is still so much to see! Text: HRF, Photos: Horst Roesler/Motographer

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